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Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?

Written by Julie Middleton
Illustrated by Russell Ayto

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Strange things happen during a visit to the museum.  Dave is sure that the dinosaurs are moving.  Dad is reading the signs and looking ahead so he does not see any of the activity.  As Dave studies the Ankylosaurus, he is sure the dinosaur is winking at him.  Dad says that it can’t be, it is only Dave’s imagination.  Dad gives the same response when the Deinocheirus tries to tickle Dave, the Allosaurus grins at Dave and the Diplodocus tries to eat Dave’s burger.  But even Dad can’t ignore the T. Rex.  He has to admit that the T. Rex is indeed following them.  “Oh, you’re right, Dave,” said Dad.  “That dinosaur’s not dead.”  So the final page has Dad and Dave running from the T. Rex.

For any child who has tried to get his or her parents’ attention, this book will ring true.  The quirky illustrations are sure to delight, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex with the huge head and the pointed toes.   The humor is picked up in the signs posted along the exhibit route and the translations of the dinosaur names.  A fun read aloud for a dinosaur or a museum unit. It would make a great literacy activity to have a second grader read to the first grader.   With such distinctive voices, it could also be used for reader’s theatre.

  • Dinosaurs DeadTITLE: Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
  • AUTHOR: Julie Middleton
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Russell Ayto
  • PUBLISHER: Peachtree, 2013
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • EDITION: Hardcover, 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-56145-690-1
  • LEXILE: 270