Little Whale

Written and Illustrated by Jo Weaver

Gray whales migrate possibly the longest distance of any mammal – approximately 12,500 miles between the Arctic and Antarctic. This cute tale of a newborn calf and his mother follows them on that very long trek. Like a small child, the little whale keeps asking if they are home yet. Along the way, they encounter beautiful underseas forests, artfully illustrated. They also come across coral reefs, large open expanses, large ocean liners, huge schools of fish, and a group of orcas. The mother must protect the little one and encourage him to keep going. When they finally join the other whales, they greet each other with song.

With the illustrations helping to tell the story, this book is great for independent reading. It’s also helpful for an introduction to sea mammals in a science unit. But, with the quiet tones and the somber colors, the best use is probably as a read aloud at bedtime. In any case, it lets the reader know what hard work, perseverance and abiding love can do for whales, or even for humans.

  • Little WhaleTitle: Little Whale
  • Author/Illustrator: Jo Weaver
  • Published: Peachtree Publishers, October 1, 2018
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
  • Grade Level: 1 to2
  • Genre: Picture Book, Nature, Migration, Animals
  • ISBN: 978-1-68263-049-5

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